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Tips for Yi Action camera Wi-Fi Connection via Android M

Since Google has launched the latest Android Marshmallow on Sep 29, many Android M users experienced Wi-Fi connection failure to Yi Action camera.

This new Android version introduced some bugs to Wi-Fi and GPS modules, which may cause Wi-Fi connection problem for many devices. Now Google team has solved this Defect-23081999 and plan to be fixed in future release. (Unknown date)

Before that release, there are some tips to help you to connect your Yi Action on Android M:


The camera was working fine with your phone before upgrading to Android M.

The camera now is working fine with any other non-Android M devices.


1. Update your Yi Action App to the latest version.
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2. Enable the Location Sharing in Android System Settings.

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3. Enable the GPS in Android System Settings.

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4. Disable VPN connection / No Permission Management Apps installed.

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5. Disable Cellular data.


6. Starting in YI Action App 2.3, you can try the following steps:

Go to system wifi settings, connect to YI Action Camera wifi (YDXJ_xxxx).

After the phone connects to YI Action Camera wifi successfully, go to YI Action Camera App,  click the connect button in the Camera tab.

if you still have troubles after all steps, please contact us by mail to: