Solving Software and Hardware Problems – YI Action Cam

The solutions provided here can only solved the problems caused by SW/FW, if there is any HW related issues, please check with your vendors.

If your camera behavior becomes abnormal when Power On/connection/display/etc, normally you can try the 4 steps below to clear all SW/FW related issues:

  1. Power off/on
  2. Manually reset your camera
  3. Manually update the camera firmware
  4. Flash the elf file to camera via PC

Please make sure your App and cameara firmware are installed correctly and up to date. Android M (6.0) user with Wi-Fi connection issue, please see here.

1.Power Off/On

Power off the camera, then re-install the battery, Power On and try again to see the problem is fixed or not.

if not, please go Step 2

2.Manually reset the camera

While the camera is on, long pressing both the Power and Wi-Fi buttons until a beep. Then power on this camera and try, to see the problem is fixed or not.

if not, please go Step 3

3.Manually update the camera firmware

Following this link to download the latest version of firmware and update the camera manually. Please make sure that you have downloaded the correct firmware and your camera is fully charged before updating.

if your problem is still not solved, please go to Step 4

4.Flash the ELF file to camera via PC

You need to dowload and install the  ELF file and flashing tool on a Windows PC, connect the camera to this PC, then flash the ELF to this camera.

  • Download the right ELF file according to your HW

Remove the battery, you will see the SN. Check the 4th character as the below, if it’s L, such as Z23L5**,then download ELF here;

otherwise download ELF here.


  • Download and install the flashing tool

Click here to download the flashing tool: yiActionCamUSB.

install it on a Window PC. Extra driver may be requested in some case after installation, please find the driver from:

C: (or other Drive)\Program Files (x86)\xiaoyi\yiActionCam

  • Connect the camera to PC and flash the file.

There are two different methods to flash the ELF file to your camera. You have to make sure you know the version of firmware  of your camera, otherwise you have to try both.

If firmware version >= 1.2.10: instructions here

if firmware version < 1.2.10: instructions here

Sometimes, the flashing tool may be incompatible to the PC, you can try another tool here.

After all the 4 steps, most common problem should be fixed. If you still have problems, please contact your local vendor.

8 thoughts on “Solving Software and Hardware Problems – YI Action Cam

  1. Good Morning.
    It broken camera Xiaomi Yi and I am trying to revive it. The problem that I find is that I can not install the drivers for my system is x64.
    Can you help me please?

  2. hi…

    Im having a problem with my xiaomi yi camera. When i try to power on the camera cannot on, it just beep once and there’s no blue light. when i connected it to USB the red light appear as usual as it being charged.i did reset and firmware update also doesn’t work. may i know what kind of problem is it? can be fix or not?

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