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Why can’t I connect with my Chinese version YI Home Camera?

The Chinese version YI Home Cam (which is also known as Xiaomi smart camera) is customized for users in mainland China. The languages, features and services are more suitable for mainland Chinese users. It is only officially sold in mainland China and Chinese version cameras manufactured after 1st November 2015 work in mainland China only, otherwise it will fail to pair or fail to connect. To use YI Home Cam in other locations, we suggest to buying international version YI Home Cam.

Q: How to distinguish Chinese version YI Home Cam from International version?

A: Please follow the link below for instructions.

Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?

Q: How can I know whether my camera was manufactured after 1st November 2015?

A: You can check the manufacturing date of your camera by scanning the QR Code at the back of your camera. Firstly, you need to have an app that has QR Code Scan feature, like WeChat or QR Code Reader, etc. Secondly, center the QR code in the scanning frame. After that, you will see a whole device ID on your phone, the last six digits of which represent the manufacturing date.


For example, the picture above is the scanning result of one device. The last six digits are “150605”, which means that the device was produced on 5th June 2015.

Q: Where to buy international version YI Home Cam?

A: The most important thing is that none of the vendors selling Chinese version YI Home Cam outside mainland China is authorized by Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Company. Officially we sell international version YI Home Cam on :

For U.S. users: Click here

For Korean users: Click here

For Taiwan users: Click here

If you have other problems in use, please email to


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