Why can’t I connect with my Chinese version YI Home Camera?

The Chinese version YI Home Cam (which is also known as Xiaomi smart camera) is customized for users in mainland China. The languages, features and services are more suitable for mainland Chinese users. It is only officially sold in mainland China and Chinese version cameras manufactured after 1st November 2015 work in mainland China only, otherwise it will fail to pair or fail to connect. To use YI Home Cam in other locations, we suggest to buying international version YI Home Cam.

Q: How to distinguish Chinese version YI Home Cam from International version?

A: Please follow the link below for instructions.

Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?

Q: How can I know whether my camera was manufactured after 1st November 2015?

A: You can check the manufacturing date of your camera by scanning the QR Code at the back of your camera. Firstly, you need to have an app that has QR Code Scan feature, like WeChat or QR Code Reader, etc. Secondly, center the QR code in the scanning frame. After that, you will see a whole device ID on your phone, the last six digits of which represent the manufacturing date.


For example, the picture above is the scanning result of one device. The last six digits are “150605”, which means that the device was produced on 5th June 2015.

Q: Where to buy international version YI Home Cam?

A: The most important thing is that none of the vendors selling Chinese version YI Home Cam outside mainland China is authorized by Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Company. Officially we sell international version YI Home Cam on :

For U.S. users: Click here

For Korean users: Click here

For Taiwan users: Click here

If you have other problems in use, please email to support@weareyi.com.


YI Team



20 thoughts on “Why can’t I connect with my Chinese version YI Home Camera?

  1. what shall I now do since I have bought the Yi smart camera in Indonesia on line and cannot pair with my I Phone ?

  2. I bought the camera on my last visit to China not knowing the camera not able to use outside China and now I am unable to use at my home country Malaysia. Any solution to this?

  3. Hi, I bought a xiaoyi camera which manufacture after 1 Nov 2015 and now I can’t use it in Malaysia (once pair the camera it will prompt that the camera is China version and only can be used in China). So is there anyway I can do so that it can be used in Malaysia? Thx for the help.

  4. I bought the xiao yi home camera on my last visit without knowing the camera cannot be use outside China as the sales person did not inform me.
    I am now back to Malaysia and unable to use the camera. What should I do?

  5. Hi!
    What about cameras sold on Banggood.com? Are they all the Chinese version? I’m in Europe, you don’t mention any options for this part of the world.

  6. Hello, its a big disappointment for me the lack of support provided for international customers of your products. When I bought a camera from an international site I cannot guess which version they will ship us. I ended stuck with a Chinese version of the camera and nothing more then a “sorry but currently we only support this version in chinese” from your team. Most European customers are being misguided by internacional sites like Bangood or DX.com

  7. Hi I have purchased about 15 Yi cam from malaysia online site and all is CN version. Some manufacturer before November and some after november.

    I plan to purchase more but I need to clarify the following
    1. Can I use those CN camera (before Nov 2015) mix with international camera moving forward?
    2. Is there any way for me to make those CN camare (after Nov 2015) work again? I accidentally purchase 8 of them without knowing Xiaoyi decision to ban those camera outside china.

  8. Hello, My camera was bought well before 1st November 2015. I have 4 cameras that I got from mainland and I do not understand Chinese. I want to flash new US firmware and pair to US app/English Version. I can update but not pair. I do not thing that its reasonable not to update the firmware/connect to english. Please help with the process.

  9. im not sure if this is ok. i have 3 units of international version here. brand new, although one is unbox for setup, only to realised that what i wanted are the chinese version. if anyone here has the chinese version. I don’t mind do a one-to-one exchange. contact me at 8666 — 77 — 99 (singapore)

  10. Hi Xiaoyi team!

    I have 2 Xiaoyi Ants cameras (both CN version) currently in use in China. But I want to bring them back with me to the U.S. I’m currently using them with the CN APK’s from the Mi Store.

    Two questions:

    1. Will the camera record (store) footage when it senses motion out of the box without linking it to Wifi or an app? Can I just turn it on and let it record? Just wondering if I can use it to record activity without linking it to anything.

    2. If I use them in the U.S. with the CN app version, will they will link and be accessible via LAN or WAN?


  11. This is pure racism.

    Your justification would be acceptable if there was no price difference. However since you charge the double for the international version which lacks some of the functionality of the China version, Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Company is a racist company.

  12. Hi..I have purchases xuaoyi ants cctv but unfortunately it said “This camera can only be used within China”. My Yi Home apps versiin is Able to add the camera but the camera keep on turn off. I am not able to turb in the camera. Please help and advice step by step what to do. Tqvm


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