Push Notifications, folding/unfolding

Push notification for mobile app is an important mechanism to deliver important information to users, on Android and iOS platform.

This mechanism is specially important, for YI Home Camera. Each push notification, could potentially indicate something unexpected. It is import for YI Home users to see each notification messages.

iOS always unfold every notification, as show below.

PushNotificationOn some of the Android phones, the system may decide to fold some similar notifications. On those systems, the user will see one message for a group of similar notifications. Once the user clicks the message, it expands to the full set of notifications.

Xiaomi phones are one of the systems.

We feel that, with the notification folding,  users may miss important messages. On last month (April 2018), we changed our push backend, to always unfold the notifications.

Thus, from April 2018, on all Android phones, push notification behaves exactly like iOS system.

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