Common YI Home Camera Connection Errors

In YI Technologies, Inc, our engineers strive to achieve 100% connectivity for our little camera. However, there is no perfect network. Sometimes, connect errors do occur. Below are the common errors our user may encounter, and possible solutions.  


This error happens when the mobile app can not establish a connection to the camera within a pre-defined time (30s).  

This is usually caused by network glitches. It may be resolved by re-try.  

Sometimes, there are reports, that the camera can be connected when the camera and the mobile phone are in the same Wi-Fi network. Once the mobile phone moves to another network (for example, 4G mobile internet, or work Wi-Fi), the camera can no longer be connected.  

When this happen, usually it means, the camera can reach our server, but the router the camera connected to rejects packets sent by our server to the camera. Double check your router, to make sure it does not block UDP packets.  


This indicates the camera is offline. Our server did not receive heartbeat from the camera for extended period (5 minutes).  

Double check the network. 


When this error is reported, the mobile phone has connected to the camera, but the phone App has not received by packet for extended period. 

This is typically due to network glitches. Re-try may help.  


This error occurs when the camera has reach a pre-defined maximum of connection requests. This usually can be resolved by itself, after other mobile app discontinues their connections. However, if the error persists, it may indicate that the camera has enter an instable state. Restart the camera will help resolve it.

3 thoughts on “Common YI Home Camera Connection Errors

  1. It only loads to 25% then gives error 3029. No other users and have already reset camera and reloaded the app. I’m using the blue app. Should I now use green app?

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