Customized Push Notification Tone

Starting from version 2.22, you can customize YI Home App’s push notification tone.

The following pictures illustrate how to change the tone.

OK, I am hearing a few feedbacks already:

  1. The entrance is hard to find,
  2. Can I have my own tone?
  3. Can I have different tone for each camera?

Yes, we have backlog items for each of the above suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Customized Push Notification Tone

  1. After updated to version 2.22.1 on iOS 11, I starts to experience delay notification which I never experience in earlier versions. The delay range from few minutes to tens of minutes but sometime they were on-time right when the motion is detected. This delay in notification arrival has been annoying and I hope it can be fixed. I have tested the version 2.22.1 on both iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.3.1, all experience the similar pattern of delay notification. Thanks for your efforts in making life better. Appreciate it.

  2. How do I set the alert to a ringtone from my phone? I’m currently using a Galaxy S8 Plus and I’m using Android Oreo on AT&T. Thank you!

  3. Dear MI team,

    I did everything for connection but result is same, mobile doesn’t connect with camera.
    I suppose problem with app tone Could you please share correct link for download.

  4. What if my internet stops working which will throw my cameras offline, and I am not around how can I reset the cameras again with the internet without being there.

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