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Reaching YI Services

From time to time, we have received reports that some parts of the YI Home App’s functionalities do not work. For example, can not register, can not generate the QR code, etc.

We did a lot investigation. We found a few root causes.

  1. Sometimes, the App could not resolve our services’ DNS name.
  2. On other occasions, the https connection to our services is terminated unexpected.

If you have experienced problems in YI Home App, please open a browser, and visit one of the following sites. If you have trouble reaching them, it may be a good time to talk to your local ISP.

For Asian countries, please visit
For North America countries, please visit
For European countries, please visit
For other countries, please visit one of above.

Pairing YI Home Camera

In order to use a wireless home camera such as YI home camera or YI dome camera the first thing you need to do is to pair (bind) it with your YI account created on your YI Home App.


Paring (binding) is a process to establish a trusted relationship between the camera and your account in YI Home App so that only you can use the camera. It is a very important security process so we don’t want the process to have any security weakness even tiny one. In industry, there are multiple technologies to pair a wireless camera. By far YI’s QR code pairing technology (patent pending) is one of the most security one and YI has been using it for almost 3 years and no security issue was found or reported.


In QR code pairing, YI camera needs to scan a QR code displayed by YI Home app on your smartphone to establish trusted relationship. The idea is very similar to Amazon Go check in process. When you enter Amazon Go store you need to let a camera in store entrance to scan a QR code displayed by Amazon Go App on your smartphone. After scanning, the goods you buy from the store will be charged to your Amazon account instead of other customers’ accounts and the goods other customers buy from the store will be charged to their accounts instead of yours.


In most cases, the QR code scan is as simple as showing the QR code in the smartphone to the camera. But in certain situation you might run into some challenges. For example, if you are using a very small or very large smartphone or you have a very long Wi-Fi router name or password the QR code scan might not work well or take long time to finish. In this article we will discuss the best practice of the YI camera pairing especially the QR code scan.


1.         Please do the pairing in a room which is sufficiently illuminated. Please avoid very dark room or direct sunshine environments.

2.         Please adjust the brightness of the smartphone’s screen to the brightest level.

3.         Download YI Home App from Google Play store or Apple App store. Install and register an account by following the instruction on the App. Please make sure you select the correct region such as ‘North American’ if you bought the YI camera in the United State. Incorrect region selection will cause pairing to fail.

4.         On the top right corner of the App’s main page, there is a ‘+’ button, click it to enter App’s pairing mode.

 15.         You will see an array of YI home and dome cameras, click the model you have and try to pair.


6.         Now plugin the USB power cable to your YI camera. If you have a new YI camera, it will be in pairing mode after power up. If you want to pair a used YI camera or want to repair your YI camera, please reset the camera to make the camera entering pairing mode. When the camera is in pairing mode, the color of the LED light is yellow.

7.         It will take one or two minutes for the camera to power up. After powering up, the YI camera will say ‘Waiting to connect’.


8.         On the App, click ‘Next’ you will see the ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ page. Type in the name and password of the Wi-Fi router you want your YI camera to connect to. Please use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band because the YI Home Camera only supports 2.4GHz for better signal penetration. Please double check you typed in correct name and password. Any mismatch even a signal digital or extra space will cause Wi-Fi connection failure. Please also note that the Wi-Fi name and password will NOT be sent to YI service. They stay in your smartphone and your YI camera so you don’t need to worry about leaking of you Wi-Fi router password.


9.         Click ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ at the bottom of the page and you will be in QR code page.


10.     Now make sure your camera is in upright position. It means the lens of the camera faces a direction which is perfectly horizontal. If you are pairing a YI dome camera you might need to adjust the lens direction because the lens could face a direction upward or downward initially.

11.     Tap the QR code on the screen to make it full screen.


12.     Now place the smartphone about 35 centimeters (14 inches) away in front of the YI camera. If you are using a pad such as Apple iPad or Android Pad, you might need to place the pad even further such as 50 centimeters (20 inches) away. Please make sure the smartphone is also in upright position like the YI camera and the center of the QR code on the screen of the smartphone faces the center of lens of the YI camera directly. You might need to adjust the height of the YI camera or the smartphone to achieve that. This is very important if you have very small smartphone, very large smartphone, very long Wi-Fi name or very long Wi-Fi password.

 713.     Now slowly move the smartphone toward the YI camera until the distance is 5 centimeters. During the move, please continue to keep the center of the QR code facing the center of the lens of the YI cameras directly. Depending on the size of your smartphone, you will hear YI camera saying ‘QR code scan is successful’ and the color of the LED light on the YI camera turns to blue. For most smartphones such as Apple iPhone 7 and Google Pixel the scan should succeed when the smartphone is between 20 centimeters and 10 centimeters away from the YI camera. If you follow instruction above but still experience QR code scan issue, please use a smartphone with regular size and change the Wi-Fi router name and password to shorter length and redo the pairing. Please note you can pair the YI camera in one smartphone but use it in the other smartphone if you have multiple smartphones.

14.     Once you hear ‘QR code scan is successful’, the YI camera will use the Wi-Fi information embedded in the QR code to connect to your Wi-Fi router and then connect to the YI services. If both connections are successful, you will hear the YI camera saying ‘Pairing is successful’ and the camera will show up in your YI Home App. You could see failure this step if the Wi-Fi name and password are incorrect or your Wi-Fi router is not connected to the internet. If that happens, please use correct password, fix the Wi-Fi router connectivity issues and redo the pairing process. 

Once you paired the YI camera you can use your YI Home App to change the settings of the YI camera, watch live streaming, watch recording and receive motion alerts. You can do it comfortably because the YI camera pairing is very secure. 

If you experience any issue with the YI camera or YI home app please feel free to contact our technical support at