Reaching YI Services

From time to time, we have received reports that some parts of the YI Home App’s functionalities do not work. For example, can not register, can not generate the QR code, etc.

We did a lot investigation. We found a few root causes.

  1. Sometimes, the App could not resolve our services’ DNS name.
  2. On other occasions, the https connection to our services is terminated unexpected.

If you have experienced problems in YI Home App, please open a browser, and visit one of the following sites. If you have trouble reaching them, it may be a good time to talk to your local ISP.

For Asian countries, please visit
For North America countries, please visit
For European countries, please visit
For other countries, please visit one of above.

18 thoughts on “Reaching YI Services

  1. I can not figure out how to turn my camera on and off like I used to. The update on the app has taken away the camera on/off button. I do noy need my camera to run every day.

  2. I AM HAVING A PROBLEM WITH ONE OF MY HOME security sistema camera,
    When you Conect it to the power it lights on and them after couple of seconds it turns light at all.any ideas.?

  3. It’s not my ISP that is the problem. I literally can never view my YI Dome Cam it loads to 90% and then stays there. I’ve had this camera for almost a year now it’s useless! I can never view the video feed.

  4. In the past month both of our cameras have intermittently had the issue of “difficulty contacting the server, app usage may be limited, please try again later”.

    We use these as baby monitors and it makes it very stressful. Is this issue getting fixed?

  5. I signed for the cloud and it said it would do up to 5 cameras. I am only getting 1 to show signed up and it asks me to pay for each camera. What’s up?

  6. ZERO replies to notes sent thru online” feedback” site …does anyone monitor the NA customers !
    This sux … good cameras , nonexistent customer service !!

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