Android P (9.0) Pairing issue

On Android P (9.0), Google introduces a breaking change, that without location permission, our App won’t be able to get the Wi-Fi SSID name.

If you see the “<unknown ssid>” in the Wi-Fi connection page, like the screenshot below illustrates, you have been hitting this breaking change.

This is fixed in the latest release

Android P

13 thoughts on “Android P (9.0) Pairing issue

  1. Will I feel that I was riped off this camera will not Kennett the iq code is not valued I trued everything like a 100 times I give up I’m very up set !

  2. I have had this issue, but on multiple apps eg ( Alexa, YI Home, Halocam) really any app that talks to a device locally via WiFi, This issue has happened since Android 9 and stops you from using said apps.

  3. After updating my moto g5 to android 8.1 I have the same problem and I can’t pair my phone with my Yi Home Dome Camera.

  4. This is happening to me now, so I can’t connect the camera. I downloaded the app just today, that seems to be a more recent version than the you mention, but it is still happening… What should I do?

  5. I recently changed my network password. I’ve had my camera off for the most part. Plugged them back on today. Checked on them from where I am staying out of town. And it says there is an issue with my network.

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