Talos Intelligence

On October 31st, Talos Intelligence published several articles on vulnerabilities discovered in YI Home Camera.

Over the latest several months, Talos intelligence team has closely worked with YI Technology’s development team, explained the vulnerabilities, discussed solution, patiently waited the dev team to release a firmware, and kindly verified all the fixes, and generously waited almost two months to disclose the vulnerabilities publicly, after we released the firmware.

Thank you Talos Intelligence team. We are forever in debt to you.


2018-06-13 – Vendor disclosure
2018-09-03 – Vendor submitted build to Talos for testing
2018-09-05 – Talos confirmed issue patched
2018-10-22 – Vendor released new firmware
2018-10-31 – Public release

3 thoughts on “Talos Intelligence

  1. I’ve had a Y1 720P dome camera since July 02nd this year, and worked perfectly, until now!!
    Now I don’t get any push alerts to my Huawei and phone?
    I’ve re-set the camera, deleted cache, removed the app.
    Reinstalled the app & reconnected the camera, checked all the settings.
    But still not working!!
    I’ve tried to con Y1 company via Amazon!! But have he nothing yet!!

  2. My camera is off and unplugged. I am still getting motion detected alerts on my phone when I move around. Is this part of the vulnerability issue?

  3. My Yi program says no update available, and yet I have the pairing problem with Android 9 that you described.
    Why is no update available?

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