Monthly Archives: December 2018

YI Home Android 3.4.6

We have received reports that Android users are also affected by some European mobile ISP not able to resolve YI’s server DNS name.

YI Home Android 3.4.6 is an attempt to fix this issue. Please let us know if this works for you.

Alternatively, some users have reported, that after they switch to US/Asia region, the App works great for them. If YI Home Android 3.4.6 does not work for you in Europe, you may want to try switching regions.

YI Home iOS: Sync Cloud Order

On iOS system, per requirement from Apple Inc, virtual goods must be payed through Apple In-App Purchase (Short for IAP).

The purchase process is like the following:

  1. User makes a purchase requests in YI Home App
  2. YI Home App brings up the IAP payment process
  3. User makes the payment
  4. YI Home App is notified about the payment, and inform the YI service a purchase is made.
  5. YI service records the transaction.

If network is not available, or other possible reasons, step 3) and step 4) could fail. In this case, user has paid Apple, but we don’t know that user has finished the payment.

To mitigate this issue, in the latest YI Home iOS App, when the user clicks the “cloud” tab in the App, the app will ask Apple if the user has pending payment. If Apple says yes, YI Home App will prompt user to refresh the YI Cloud order. Once user click the “Refresh” button in the screenshot below, The App will re-submit the cloud order to YI service, with the recalled payment information.

Next time when you encounter this problem, please give it a try.


iOS YI Home 3.4.1 update

Today we published iOS YI Home 3.4.1 update to Apple App Store.  This update is to resolve an issue that some European users experienced, especially for users in Italy.

The problem is, for certain mobile internet carriers, they has trouble resolve our server’s dns name, or, it resolves to the wrong address. As the result, those users cannot access the camera, when the app is running under mobile internet environment.

In the 3.4.1 update, we now use a different DNS resolution mechanism. Hopefully, with this change, our cstomes will never encounter DNS resolution problems anymore.

Push Notifications on Samsung phones

We have seen continued complains on missing push notifications, or, users have to open the app in order to receive push notifications.

In research on the problem, we stumble upon this article. If you experienced push notifications problems on Samsung phones, it may help you.


Location Permission (Unknown SSID)

Some users ask why does YI Home Android App need Location Permission.

This is to fix the Android P (9.0) “Unknown SSID” Pairing issue.

Yes some user reports that the problem still exists after the update. Please make sure 1. You have opened Location Service in your system, 2. You have given YI Home App the location permission.