Push Notifications on Samsung phones

We have seen continued complains on missing push notifications, or, users have to open the app in order to receive push notifications.

In research on the problem, we stumble upon this article. If you experienced push notifications problems on Samsung phones, it may help you.



5 thoughts on “Push Notifications on Samsung phones

  1. do you use Google gcm push? if not why not?
    for saving battery.
    is possible to have more technical about your cam details.?
    currently your yi home 2 has this problems:
    1-not 5ghz Wi-Fi band
    2- wires mic cables are not well positioned inside case and caused noise..(people send back ,as faulty, to Amazon!)

    about your apk
    1-why do you want to know which other apps do I have inside my smartphone?(retrieve running apps)

  2. Why I cannot receive notification when phone is locked. As seen on iOS?
    I want to receive alert with sound as like a message with phone locked. Or floating notification.

    Is this possible? No config on the notification settings.

    Run on Xiaomi Mi6

    1. I’m having this same problem. Not getting notifications until 5-7 min after motion is detected. Why is that? I’m on a iPhone X.

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