iOS YI Home 3.4.1 update

Today we published iOS YI Home 3.4.1 update to Apple App Store.  This update is to resolve an issue that some European users experienced, especially for users in Italy.

The problem is, for certain mobile internet carriers, they has trouble resolve our server’s dns name, or, it resolves to the wrong address. As the result, those users cannot access the camera, when the app is running under mobile internet environment.

In the 3.4.1 update, we now use a different DNS resolution mechanism. Hopefully, with this change, our cstomes will never encounter DNS resolution problems anymore.

15 thoughts on “iOS YI Home 3.4.1 update

  1. Unfortunatly continues not to work inferno mobile operator. Please give us a solution asap. I have 6 cameras and are not useful

  2. Anch’io nonostante l’aggiornamento sotto rete mobile (Wind-Tre) non posso vedere assolutamente nulla. Spero risolviate presto perché al momento la cosa è davvero frustrante.

  3. I have alerts on low and they will not stop notifying me. I get 5 alerts for the same thing and the video won’t load. This has been happening ever since I did the upgrade

  4. Even with 3.4.1 release the camera cannot be reached! It’s connected via a mobile carrier (Iliad).
    It’s completely useless, since you currently can control the camera only being connected to the same wifi network!
    Negative feedback is coming if a new fix won’t solve the problem soon…

  5. Tengo las suscripciones correspondiente a cinco cámaras pagadas hasta 2020 sin embargo me dice que la suscripción está caducada.
    Que puedo hacer para que las activen?
    A quién he de dirigirme?

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