YI Home Android 3.4.6

We have received reports that Android users are also affected by some European mobile ISP not able to resolve YI’s server DNS name.

YI Home Android 3.4.6 is an attempt to fix this issue. Please let us know if this works for you.

Alternatively, some users have reported, that after they switch to US/Asia region, the App works great for them. If YI Home Android 3.4.6 does not work for you in Europe, you may want to try switching regions.

14 thoughts on “YI Home Android 3.4.6

  1. My Yi is failing to alert me as people’s walk past camera. I have reset 6 times, deleted the app and reinstalled 4 times on an iPhone. I have changed from Europe to Asia region but no joy. Only had this 2 weeks. Please help.

  2. I’m from Italy, with H3G mobile connection the app doesn’t connect to the server. I have switched to North America region and now it works!

  3. I have the same problem, same android version. Cannot connect to the Europe region. I can connect to US or Asia but I cannot see my cameras there, so I connect back again to the Europe and still get the error

  4. Please at least is it possible to know the european url that the mobile ISP cannot solve so we can add this IP in the hosts file?

  5. I have used cloud for 1 1/2 years now but all of a sudden it’s giving me a subscribe option and I can’t access my cloud recordings. I have another 7 months to go. What’s going on?

  6. With Android 8.1 on my mobile phone, the app does not detect the WiFi network. On another Android 7.0 mobile phone, WiFi is detected regularly and the camera can be configured.

  7. Hello, I live in France and I recently changed mobile ISP (Bouygue telecom) and Android version (9.0) since I can’t access my camera via the mobile network, only by WIFI. I’m using the latest version 3.4.6. I tried to create a new account and changed region. Nothing works. The connection remains at 5%. What can I do ? It works on another mobile with an older version of android.

  8. I do not receive any notification once the app has been updated.

    I use an MI6 with MIUI 10. All Xiaomi and difficult to receive alerts.

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