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  1. The Yi cameras are a garbage camera system. They are constantly going offline. Do I need to buy a wireless router to place next to each camera? If that’s the case it needs to be said prior to someone purchasing them since that would defeat their wireless capability. Anyone else have this problem.

  2. Why does the android app I need so many permissions? Why can’t the Y I dome camera ever load it’s video feed?? it’s been almost a year and I still cannot view the feed

  3. I continue to get alerts of movement but there is no video to view. What has happened. This is with all of the 7 cameras I have up.

  4. I’m trying to purchase a year subscription to the cloud for 5 cameras. It says confirm with PayPal and get a code. I obtain a code but it keeps telling me there’s an error with code. Where else can I purchase new subscription!

  5. Hi, is there possibility connect iPhone and samsung phones to one account? When trying use iphone, i have to set up camera from begining, then camera work fine. When need connect with samsung phone, it request start setup from beginning. After that, on samsung works fine, but shows error. Is anything possible to do, to be able both phones use camera ?

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