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YI Home App Permissions

As the developer of a security product, we deeply understand that security and privacy are paramount to our users. We take those issues very seriously.

We spent lots of effort to restructure our app architecture in order to reduce the permissions. The screenshot below captures the permissions the latest play store YI Home App required.


Why can’t I connect with my Chinese version YI Home Camera?

The Chinese version YI Home Cam (which is also known as Xiaomi smart camera) is customized for users in mainland China. The languages, features and services are more suitable for mainland Chinese users. It is only officially sold in mainland China and Chinese version cameras manufactured after 1st November 2015 work in mainland China only, otherwise it will fail to pair or fail to connect. To use YI Home Cam in other locations, we suggest to buying international version YI Home Cam.

Q: How to distinguish Chinese version YI Home Cam from International version?

A: Please follow the link below for instructions.

Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?

Q: How can I know whether my camera was manufactured after 1st November 2015?

A: You can check the manufacturing date of your camera by scanning the QR Code at the back of your camera. Firstly, you need to have an app that has QR Code Scan feature, like WeChat or QR Code Reader, etc. Secondly, center the QR code in the scanning frame. After that, you will see a whole device ID on your phone, the last six digits of which represent the manufacturing date.


For example, the picture above is the scanning result of one device. The last six digits are “150605”, which means that the device was produced on 5th June 2015.

Q: Where to buy international version YI Home Cam?

A: The most important thing is that none of the vendors selling Chinese version YI Home Cam outside mainland China is authorized by Shanghai Xiaoyi Technology Company. Officially we sell international version YI Home Cam on :

For U.S. users: Click here

For Korean users: Click here

For Taiwan users: Click here

If you have other problems in use, please email to


YI Team



Solving Software and Hardware Problems – YI Action Cam

The solutions provided here can only solved the problems caused by SW/FW, if there is any HW related issues, please check with your vendors.

If your camera behavior becomes abnormal when Power On/connection/display/etc, normally you can try the 4 steps below to clear all SW/FW related issues:

  1. Power off/on
  2. Manually reset your camera
  3. Manually update the camera firmware
  4. Flash the elf file to camera via PC

Please make sure your App and cameara firmware are installed correctly and up to date. Android M (6.0) user with Wi-Fi connection issue, please see here.

1.Power Off/On

Power off the camera, then re-install the battery, Power On and try again to see the problem is fixed or not.

if not, please go Step 2

2.Manually reset the camera

While the camera is on, long pressing both the Power and Wi-Fi buttons until a beep. Then power on this camera and try, to see the problem is fixed or not.

if not, please go Step 3

3.Manually update the camera firmware

Following this link to download the latest version of firmware and update the camera manually. Please make sure that you have downloaded the correct firmware and your camera is fully charged before updating.

if your problem is still not solved, please go to Step 4

4.Flash the ELF file to camera via PC

You need to dowload and install the  ELF file and flashing tool on a Windows PC, connect the camera to this PC, then flash the ELF to this camera.

  • Download the right ELF file according to your HW

Remove the battery, you will see the SN. Check the 4th character as the below, if it’s L, such as Z23L5**,then download ELF here;

otherwise download ELF here.


  • Download and install the flashing tool

Click here to download the flashing tool: yiActionCamUSB.

install it on a Window PC. Extra driver may be requested in some case after installation, please find the driver from:

C: (or other Drive)\Program Files (x86)\xiaoyi\yiActionCam

  • Connect the camera to PC and flash the file.

There are two different methods to flash the ELF file to your camera. You have to make sure you know the version of firmware  of your camera, otherwise you have to try both.

If firmware version >= 1.2.10: instructions here

if firmware version < 1.2.10: instructions here

Sometimes, the flashing tool may be incompatible to the PC, you can try another tool here.

After all the 4 steps, most common problem should be fixed. If you still have problems, please contact your local vendor.

Why can’t I pair my Yi Home Camera?


If you are now suffering from any App downloading/pairing/connecting failures related issues with Yi Home Camera, this article is a best solution summary for you.

Currently, there are two most common issues:

  • HW and App versions mismatch
  • Camera firmware is too old

Preparation work

skip this if you have successful experience to pair before
  1. make sure your App version is up to date
  2. make sure your Wi-Fi SSID and password is correct and there is no any other security related settings on your router, such as:
    • No static IP address assignment
    • No MAC address filter
  3. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is supported only.

ISSUE 1: Product and App version mismatch

  1. Identify the product version of your camera

Please check the first 4 characters on the back of the camera as below  figure ,

  • if the format is [0~9][0~9][A~Z][A~Z], the 3rd and 4th characters standard for the country code (case insensitive):

CN: Chinese Version 

US / TW /KR/other Country Code: International Version

  • all other format strings: Chinese Version

Please be aware of that:

Chinese version is to be used in China mainland only.

International version is to be used in US/TW/KR only.


2. Install the matching App

You have to install the correct App, otherwise the camera can be never paired.

Currently we have official selling channels in CN/US/KR/TW only, in any other countries/areas, you can’t find this App in your local Google Play or App Store. Error message may be nothing/this App is not available in your market/your device is not support this App/etc.

Android Device:

Chinese VersionApp Download

International Version: install from your local Google Play

IOS Device:

Chinese Version: Switch to China App Store then install.

Alternately, you can also try the App Mi Smart Home.

International Version: install from your local App Store

ISSUE 2: Camera firmware is too old to pair

We always suggest customers to keep the camera firmware version update to date to get better product performance.

If you have already prepared the matching Camera and App, but still failed in camera pairing or you found the camera working improperly even after reset.

In most case, you can fix it via updating the camera firmware manually.

1. Download the latest version of firmware

Chinese Version:   Download Link         Backup Link

International Version:  Download Link (US Version)

2. Do manually update following the instruction.

Note: the firmware version must match your camera version. You can flash a Chinese version camera with any other version of firmware and power-on it, but it can never be paired.

I believe above two steps can solve most of your troubles, but if you still have problem, please feel free to contact us:

And you can find out more support information from our support site.

Tips for Yi Action camera Wi-Fi Connection via Android M

Since Google has launched the latest Android Marshmallow on Sep 29, many Android M users experienced Wi-Fi connection failure to Yi Action camera.

This new Android version introduced some bugs to Wi-Fi and GPS modules, which may cause Wi-Fi connection problem for many devices. Now Google team has solved this Defect-23081999 and plan to be fixed in future release. (Unknown date)

Before that release, there are some tips to help you to connect your Yi Action on Android M:


The camera was working fine with your phone before upgrading to Android M.

The camera now is working fine with any other non-Android M devices.


1. Update your Yi Action App to the latest version.
1 2

2. Enable the Location Sharing in Android System Settings.

3 4

3. Enable the GPS in Android System Settings.

5 6

4. Disable VPN connection / No Permission Management Apps installed.

7 8

5. Disable Cellular data.


6. Starting in YI Action App 2.3, you can try the following steps:

Go to system wifi settings, connect to YI Action Camera wifi (YDXJ_xxxx).

After the phone connects to YI Action Camera wifi successfully, go to YI Action Camera App,  click the connect button in the Camera tab.

if you still have troubles after all steps, please contact us by mail to: